The Label

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What is Season Records ?

Season Records is a french label leaded by Max Season. It was founded in 2016 in Saint-Etienne.

Its goal is to look for talented singers, rappers and any talented artist in order to give them a chance to get bigger audiance and to have a real team to work with.

Season Records team gathers beatmakers, songwriters, singers, rappers from all around the world, that culture mix creates some great collaborations.

Our activities

Our main activities and services are :

  • Creating instrumentals, beats & writing songs
  • Creating soundtracks for movies
  • Creating soundtracks for video games
  • Promoting artists on social medias
  • Selling music on digital stores
  • Recording, mixing and mastering songs
  • Gathering artists from all around the world

How can we help you ?

Season Records can bring you musicians and beatmakers who can help you to get in your real music style. Moreover our skilled songwriters can help you out with lyrics. Our management team can provide you some tips about how to get more attention on social medias. In the end Season Records can sale your singles or albums on all the main digital markets.

If you would like to work with the label, you can apply. Please email us at here, send some records, demos etc.